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Franchise Frequently Asked Questions.

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There are three models available to be a franchise. The Kiosk (100 Sq ft approx.) costs 18 to 20 Lacs. The outlet model (approx. 300 Sq Ft) costs 25 Lacs to 27 Lacs and a Café Model (approx. 700 to 800 Sq Ft) costs 35 to 38 Lacs

Kiosk will have limited range of Ice Cream, Thick shakes, Milk Shakes, waffles; whereas Outlet Model will have detailed range of these products along with hot beverages, Crepes and extra addition of items depending upon the regional demand. Café Model will have entire Dessert Menu with Eateries, Pizzas and Italian Starters

Yes you can but only on a proven track record of a successful unit operations.

Not needed. You may borrow from Banks, Company provides all the quotations and supportive documentation to built up your case. Should you avail the funding, the interest becomes a allowable expense in P&L

No. Company only collects the franchisee Fees. Remaining payment is made by you to the respective vendors and agencies and will completely be monitored by you and guided by the Company

Yes, Indeed. Brand has a tie up with PAN India property finders who are best in the Industry. They shall surely provide their expertise to finalise suitable location.

The Franchisee has to have a preparedness to be woven in the same fabric as the brand is and must be ready to share the same values based on which the brand has reached so far.

Not needed. Franchisee should be ready to spend on an average 2 to 3 hours a day to monitor the business operations and progress as per the targets and extend maximum hospitality to customers. Routine management is to be taken care of by the team as per the Standard Operating Procedures

2 in case of Kioks, 3 to 4 in case of outlet and 6 to 7 in case of Café model.

Brand has tie ups with recruitment consultants and agencies which can provide required manpower. However Franchisee has to make equal efforts to find the local staff to run the outlets. Brand has a training centre both for Franchisee owner and staff. Unless the Franchise owner avails the training, the store opening is not approved.

The first step is Letter of Intent (LOI) where the Franchisee and the Franchisor commit each other to go ahead and it attracts a non refundable but adjustable payment amounting to Rs 1,00,000.

It takes around 35 to 40 days to execute the store once the location is finalised.

The brand spends primarily on digital media about the launch and offers the goodies to invitees on the launch. The Brand has its inhouse design team who works on all the required creatives to promote and market your store, suggests the ways and means to boost the revenue and footfalls on weekly and monthly basis. It creates a periodical marketing calendar to align with the market requirements. Brand supports in organizing the events and giveaways to increase the engagement of your store. It suggests 36 degree guidelines for promotion and marketing.

The Franchisee is exposed to all potential revenue opportunities to grow sales. Dine In sales, Take Away Sales, Delivery Sales, Online sales are the four major source of revenue available to the franchisee

Brand carries out the entire onboarding process with the online platforms and supports in all required documentation

The pricing are the same state wise but at online platforms the prices are higher by 15 to 20% depending upon the region.

Yes, we have the set guidelines for lease and Brand supports in extending all possible negotiations to avail best deal.

The royalty is 7% from which Brand spends approx. 2% for marketing and promotion on the Franchisee

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